The Leading Midsize Watermaker in the Power and Sailing Yacht Market Gets a Sleek Upgrade: The Catalina 340 Z

Spectra Watermakers, a division of Katadyn Group, has just launched the new Catalina 340 Z, an impressive upgrade of their most popular system, the Catalina 300.

The 340 Z produces up to 15% more water than its predecessor and is extra compact. Easier installationlogo and service are made possible by the accessible fold-out design. The Catalina is multi-speed capable, making it simpler to manage power aboard your boat.

Spectra Watermakers are the highest quality, most energy-efficient, and advanced watermakers. They are backed by a worldwide service network. The Catalina 340 Z is truly automated, with simple push button operation and no manual pressure adjustments. This streamlined watermaker has exciting new features that make it a stand-out system surpassing other watermaker brands.

Easy to Use with the MPC 5000 Controller

The Catalina 340 Z comes standard with the MPC 5000 controller. This provides total automation and push button operation. Just set your watermaker’s run time and forget about it. The MPC 5000 fresh water flushes the system and then defaults to the automatic storage cycle. Spectra’s exclusive filter condition monitoring lets you know when to change the filter.

Multi-Speed for Power Management

The Catalina 340 Z is now multi-speed capable, allowing you to operate the machine on high mode for maximum product flow or low mode for maximum efficiency. This feature is ideal for onboard power management.

Z-ION Compatible

The exclusive Z-ION disinfection system floods your system with silver ions, eliminating the bacteria that clog filters and foul membranes. The Z-ION goes into action automatically during the fresh water flush cycle, disinfecting your system for up to 30 days.

Spectra Watermakers was acquired by the Katadyn Group as January 2015. Katadyn is one of the largest producers of portable water treatment systems in the world and they are excited about growing their new Spectra Division named Katadyn Desalination LLC.

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