ParmaFender – the ultimate and strong dock fendering system

Logo-ParmeFender-BlackUsing material technology developed in the Norwegian offshore industry, ParmaFender® is a unique, flexible and strong dock fendering system. Versatile, simple and easy to fit, the ParmaFender® is perfect for protecting most kinds of pontoons, piers, docks and quays.

The ParmaFender®;

  • Is a continuously chain of connected air-filled fenders that protects the entire quay-side
  • Designed to withstand extreme shock absorbance during impact between a vessel and a dock or other structure
  • Connected fenders allow air to move from fender to fender through a series of resisting valves giving the whole system outstanding shock absorbing qualities
  • Can withstand temperatures from -50°C to +80°C and is UV-resistance making it suitable for every climate
  • Has a transparent outer layer protecting the black coloured material from being rubbed over to the boat hull
  • Is delivered on reels and can be cut into the required lengths customers need
  • Can be mounted on screws or with specialized strips to avoid any damage to foundations
  • Can be easily bent around corners
  • Designed so that individual fender segments can be easily replaced in the unlikely event that a segment is damaged
  • Comes in several sizes to cover most applications in marinas and light commercial craft in ports and harbours
  • Well tested with more than 300,000 meters sold to the Norwegian market